To the children and teenagers

We showcase vital parts of Australia’s history, particularly aviation during the last century. We show what their fathers and grandfathers experienced in building a proud tradition based on the highest standards of efficiency, expertise and courage.

To adults

We display vividly, authentic stories and episodes of history which you may have possibly heard something, but often not the full story. 

To the Veterans 

We offer a journey into nostalgia, continually evidenced by the faraway look in the eyes of a former member of an aircrew as he silently gazes at a photograph or a model, or sits quietly in a cockpit.

Do you have a story to tell?

Stories are relevant historical remembrances where we bring the past into the present where the experience is conveyed to the reader with the message you wish to impart. For our unsung heroes behind historical events who placed themselves and their contributions front and centre, this is knowledge recorded so as to not repeat history.

Most of us have a relative who was involved in some way in the stories and displays we share with them, and we are continually approached by people wishing to tell us about a relative as a result of a memory being triggered by a photograph or a story on our walls. These memories are very real, and we find them extremely touching.

To carry this legacy on, we’re interested in your story, if you feel it fits in the theatres of war and aviation history. With your permission, we’re aiming to build an online page and add it to our museum story-board display.

Send us an enquiry with a summary of your story. We can go from there with a phone call.

The first incarnation of the Museum was established by what was then Caboolture Warplane Trust in 1995 and was dedicated to preservation and display of Australian wartime aviation history.

The Caboolture Collection Warplane Museum Trust was formally created at an inaugural meeting of the Trustees in Hong Kong on the 26th January 1995. At this meeting, the founder, Paul Lobston, together with Trustees Ed Field, Tony Hannam and George Crawford adopted the Caboolture Collection Trust Deed and the Auxiliary Constitution.

The Museum Auxiliary commenced with an inaugural meeting on the 4th February 1995.

Considerable display material was made available from the winding-up of the Darling Downs Aviation Museum, and this material was transferred to Caboolture on 11th February 1995.

The Museum is a place that was envisaged to be very much alive with restored warplanes that fly.

The Caboolture Collection was created in 1995 and due to many problems in related to taxation and grants, reverted to an Incorporation with the new name of ‘Caboolture Warplane and Flight Heritage Museum Inc.’  It was to be like any other non-Government Museum, in that it is dependent upon money it earns from activities, gate takings, sales, donations and grants, as derived predominately through the voluntary labour of its members – all the monies thus received are absorbed back into the Museum.

The Museum became known as the Caboolture Warplane and Flight Heritage Museum Inc’ as from the 11th day of January 2002 when the ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ was received from the Queensland Government.

Belonging and social connection is what membership brings.

This covers our volunteers for insurance for the year and membership offers 12 months of return free visits.

Choose ‘I’m interested in a membership’ in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch when we receive your request.

Do you harbour hidden history?

We’ll always look at interesting, relevant, valuable exhibits if you think it’s a good fit with our museum. Unfortunately, our library is full and for the moment, we’ve put a hold on books. We cover the theatres of war of the Battle of Great Britain, War in the Pacific and Vietnam.

Send us a message of your memorabilia items and we’ll be in touch.

Entry fees

Adults – $15.00

Pensions/Concession Card holders/Carers – $10.00

Children 5 to 15 – $5.00

Children under 5 – free