Queensland’s only flying warbird museum… where you can still fly in a warplane!

The Caboolture Warplane Museum is not just a collection of static displays but also dynamic displays with dynamic activities. Most of the warplanes on display actually fly.

The Museum currently houses the North American T-6 Texan, a Winjeel and Gipsy Moth. The Wirraway and T-28B Trojan are hangared nearby on the airfield by Warplanes Pty Ltd and are readily available for Adventure Flights and other static display events run by the Museum. These exhibits of Australian aviation heritage are also available for commemorative flypasts on ANZAC Day and other occasions.

The Members of the Museum seek, through their displays and activities, not only to illustrate the military and industrial contributions made by Australians in their quest for peace, but the spirit of a nation that prevailed at that time.

Most importantly, it recognises, respects, honours and perpetuates the spirit of ANZAC and the sacrifices made by so many Australian men and women during the war, so that future generations may never forget.

The Caboolture Warplane Museum is the recipient of Tourism Events Queensland Best-of-experiences 2024.

Our mission and vision

To promote the history of military and civil aviation to the wider community.

Our Museum is dedicated to preserving and publicly displaying artefacts from Australian Aviation History with particular reference to WW2 and Vietnam.

Our vision is that we honour our pioneering and heroic aviators and educate new generations on the developments in machinery and technology that has brought them to the world they know today.

Society is better informed when it better understands the past.