Flights extend to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay and encompass the Glass House Mountains, Sandstone Point, the miles-long stretch of Bribie Island beach and Pumicestone Passage. For information or to book a flight, complete the form below or call (07) 5330 1969 or 0401 493 999.

You get to choose your flight style and geography –



Rollover the barrel

Fly over my house!

Straighten up and fly right

CAC Wirraway

Built in Melbourne at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Factory in 1945 and was fully restored in Caboolture in 1994-1997. The CAC Wirraway was the primary training aircraft of the RAAF during WWII and for a decade after.

North American T-28B “Trojan”

The Trojan was produced by the same company that built the mighty P-51 Mustang of WWII fame. It is a powerful, high performance aircraft capable of aerobatics and high-speed flight (over 300 knots) and was initially built as an advanced trainer aircraft, but with it’s rugged design and excellent flight characteristics, it was developed into a ground attack aircraft that could carry bombs, guns and rockets on under-wing hard-points.

Warplane Flight Enquiry

Aircraft available: CAC Wirraway, North American Trojan.
Wirraway flight costs: 20 minutes $550; 30 minutes $650.
Trojan flight costs: 20 minutes $800; 30 minutes $1100.

Fitness for flight requires physical capability to climb onto the aircraft wing and lift your leg approximately 45 degrees to step into the aircraft. All flights are at the discretion of the pilot and any weather considerations on the day. Changed flights may be taken at another suitable time. Payments for warbird flights to be made on the day of the flight. Closed-in shoes to be worn.

Flights are not regularly scheduled but times and dates are arranged between the pilot and passenger.