Well known for their medieval weekends, the Abbey Museum is a treasure trove of world history engaging the young and the old.

The Australian Aviation Heritage Centre is dedicated to preserving the history of military and commercial aircraft for future generations and create a flying-memorial to those who served as aircrew and ground crew in the RAAF during World War II.

Managing operations and activity on the airfield.

MX-XVI Spitfire and L-39 Jet Fighter, a few of the most extensive operating fleet in Australia available for private charter by Steve Boyd.

South East Queensland’s most accessible gliding  club invites you to share our spectacular sky between Moreton Bay and  the Glasshouse Mountains, where we have flying for everyone from first-timer to experienced pilot.

The most sorties
The highest tonnage
The heaviest casualties
The most decorations of any Squadron in Bomber Command

Discover a treasure trove of historic artefacts and fascinating stories about the people, places and events that helped to shape the Redlands Coast.

Texan Pty Ltd is a group of aviation enthusiasts dedicated to keeping historic aircraft flying to preserve the heritage of these iconic machines. The North American SNJ-4 Texan aircraft forms part of the warbird collection in the museum.

Enjoy the thrill of flight in a powerful ex-military aircraft on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.