Personalised tour guides tell the stories you might never have known.

People form a necessary link in the chain to carry on the Museum’s thirty-six years existence. Those who went before and those who come after will carry the baton, knowing the part they played is important and without your support, inherent interest and driving passion to keep the stories alive, this museum wouldn’t survive as long as it has.

Should our paths cross and you find your way inside the front door, we hope you find the friends you meet will never be forgotten and the customers you meet for a short time on a daily basis, will never forget you and the stories you told. Thank you for considering there’s a never-ending value in representing the best and worst of history and bring to life the stories of those who sacrificed their all.

We are always looking for people to volunteer their time and expertise. The museum would not be open if not for the commitment by our volunteers for personalised tours, maintenance of the museum and its displays. Let us know what you would like to offer or send us an enquiry.

Current vacancies on Volunteering Queensland.

Tour Guide Profile

Teamsmanship, comradeship, new friends, fulfilling partnerships, buddies and good mates feature here.

Greet and admit visitors, answer questions

Sell books, raffle tickets and retail items

Manage day to day operations or administration

Offer personalised guided tours, light cleaning

Build exhibit knowledge to share with visitors

Bring an aviation passion and hang with like-minded people

Be available one day per week as a minimum

Ex-service personnel or civilians welcomed

Insurances covered by membership

Be our guest for a day as a trial

Training and education available

Tour guide, administration, management, organisational skills