Diecast aircraft models- Exclusive Franklin Mint collection for sale

Introducing our exclusive collection of sought-after diecast model aircraft! The museum proudly houses a valuable assortment of these magnificent machines. However, as part of our commitment to representing a specific scope, we have decided to part ways with certain models. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals who share a deep appreciation for these aircraft.

Our collection consists of 52 models. Among the listed models are iconic names such as the P47 Thunderbolt, P40 Warhawk, F4U Corsair, F4F Wildcat, A6M Zero, FW 190-F8, F86 Sabre, Mig 15, F6F Hellcat, Dauntless, P-38 Lightning, F104 Starfighter, F4 Phantom, P51 Mustang, BF109F, FW190A, JU87 Stuka B, B26 Marauder, F16 Fighting Falcon, F14 Tomcat, F104 Starfighter, Tornado, P38 Lightning, UH-1B Iroquois, AH-1J Cobra, and F4 Phantom.

While we do offer the option to purchase individual models, we are excited to present the entire collection as one comprehensive sale. It’s worth noting that 24 models are still in their original boxes, adding to their collectible value.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to own a piece of aviation history. Visit the museum today to explore the collection and secure your favourite models.

SCALE 1:48.

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